Contributions to Books

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Contributions to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

2nd ed. (London: Macmillan, 2001; and

(a) New (major) articles: Violin [history c. 1600-1810];Ornamentation [Italian baroque section], Fingering [violin family section]

(b) Revisions of Longer Articles: Bow ii; Matteis, Nicola; Multiple Stopping; Performing Practice 5; Senaillé; Violin i, 1-2Revisions of Short Articles: Abstrich; Action; Aufstrich; Bariolage; Bridge; Chin rest; Col legno; Coup d’archet; Craquer; Encore; Jeté; Lireggiare; Lourer; Ondulé; Picquer; Pointer; Saccadé; Sautillé; Spiccato; Strappato; Stricciate

Also Simpson, Adrienne Marie (new article)